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Make passive income using print on demand sites

Have you been looking for a way to make some passive income but everything just seems outside your area of expertise? You love those t shirts everyone wears but don’t know how to create the designs. Do you want to create personalized baby goods that are just so cute? Now it is so simple to make passive income using print on demand sites.

Make passive income easily using print on demand sites
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What are Print on Demand Sites?

Print on Demand sites are online marketplaces where customers purchase gifts and personalized gifts that are then posted to them. You may know some of them. They include sites like Zazzle, Red Bubble, Cafe Press, Society 6 and so many others. You may have even used them yourself.

Sellers make passive income using print on demand sites by uploading digital designs which are then printed on physical goods and shipped to the customer. Products created include clothing, home decor like pillows and quilt covers, stationery, fabric, baby goods and more depending on which print on demand site you choose to use.

How can I make money on Print on Demand Sites?

Each print on demand site allows you to sign up as a seller and create your own store where you advertise your designs. What design you ask? Now it is easier than ever to create print on demand items for sale.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica now has a full print on demand subscription license. This means for $29 a month you can download and use anything from Creative Fabrica as designs for your store. You do not need to modify the design and no attribution is required. You can just use the design as is. Of course you can vary the design to make it more yours, but that is not necessary. There is no limit on the number of goods you sell and they can be sold anywhere worldwide.

UPDATE: Often Creative Fabrica will have a special offer . The latest have been just $4.99 a month if paid annually. This are not available all year but keep an eye out for them. They may also have the occasional $1 for 1 month trial.

examples of creative fabrica print on demand designs

Currently there are 4,424, 438 graphics and 81,948 fonts on Creative Fabrica with more being added every day. With so many options to choose from there is no need to worry about everyone using the same design.

There is only one catch. You can cancel your Creative Fabrica subscription at any time but you must have a current subscription to continue to sell goods. That means that if you do cancel your subscription you will need to immediately stop selling all goods with Creative Fabrica designs on them.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles also has a Pro Plus Subscription and Unlimited Subscription that allows for POD. The Unlimited Subscription allows you to download and use all Plus items for POD. It also gives you unlimited access to the Ai Illustrate tool that you can use to create your own POD designs. The Unlimited Subscription is $24.99 a month paid monthly or get a 20% discount for paying annually. The Pro Subscription is $19.99 a month and can only be used on designs in the Plus Section. You can use some of your credits to purchase Ai Illustrate credits.. This is not an unlimited subscription but gives you 50 credits a month for download. The credits accumulate, however they are lost if not all claimed before cancelling your subscription. The positive side of Design Bundles Plus Subscription is that the designs downloaded can be used even after you cancel the subscription. They are yours to use forever.

Design Bundles have also updated their licences to include POD on some items in their general marketplace. Some products offer ‘The POD Add-On’ license for individual items at an additional charge. You will see it located on individual items as highlighted below.

Is this too good to be true?

This may seem like it is too good to be true. This is a legitimate deal from Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles which will make it easy to create print on demand goods.

However, selling anything takes time, effort and marketing. You will need to come up with a store name, you will need to complete all necessary forms and create a store logo and banner. Fiverr is the place to go if you need help with these. You will also need to market your store.

I cannot guarantee you will make any sales and neither can Creative Fabrica. Your goods will be on the print on demand markets you choose, but in order for people to find your products you will still need to market them or find affiliates who will market them for you. Pinterest is one great way to market your goods and get them seen by others

Click through to Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles today to check out what is available for you to use.