Below you will find answers to the most FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) on Chantahlia Design. If the answer t your FAQ cannot be found here please feel free to Contact Us

How much do these files cost?

Nothing. The papers, elements and alphas are all free for you to use. Please make sure you check my terms and conditions though.

Why would you give all your work away for nothing?

This site is dependent on raising funds through advertising, so if you see something you like advertised, please click through to visit their site. If you like there is also a paypal donate button where you can support keeping this website growing.

What if I only want one thing in a pack?

As everything is free, just download the file and trash what you do not want.

I tried to download a file but it says Download Key Expired, what do I do?

Sorry. You did nothing wrong. Unfortunately this is a known glitch I have not been able to find a solution for. If you just click download again it will download for you.

Will you keep adding more freebies?

That is the plan. I am looking forward to continuing to grow the site and add more themed work. I cannot guarantee that there will always be new files as life happens – sickness, family issues, holidays, vacations etc can all take me away but I will aim to list new stock each month. I will let you know of the new freebies through my blog.

Can I do whatever I want with these files?

  I have spent many hours on these files. Please adhere to my terms and conditions for use.

Can I share the downloaded files with my friends, family and colleagues?

No. Everyone must download the files themselves to be able to use them. Please send your friends, family and work colleagues to this site.