Setting up a website like Chantahlia Design takes a number of resources and recently I have been asked about how Chantahlia Design was created. This is a list of resources I use to make Chantahlia Design the amazing site it is.

This page contains affiliate links which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, sign up for a program or download a free resource, I may receive a payment at no cost to you.


To create any website the first place to start is with hosting. I used to choose to use Bluehost for a number of reasons.

First, Bluehost has unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. This was important with such a big site as Chantahlia Design. Although I never started this big I tend to have a habit of going full out with anything I do so I guess I always knew I would need lots of space.

Second, Bluehost has great pricing for what I got. I signed up initially for three years to take advantage of the cheaper price. It also meant I would commit to this for a minimum three years to make it work. Many bloggers / web site owners give up in the first six months but anything good takes time.

Third, Bluehost have amazing customer service. When I have had an issue I get on their chat and have had amazing help. Like with anything you may find the occasional person who isn’t quite as helpful but my experience has been great. I have read poor reviews on Bluehost, but my experience has only been positive.

I loved being with Bluehost but I have recently changed by hosting to Interserver. As I said, Chantahlia Design has turned into a huge site. In order to have the best customer service I have moved to hosting and storage for the download files to be handled separately but still on the same host.

Interserver has amazing prices that never change from your initial sign up price and for shared hosting that starts at just $5.00 per month. They have so many option to grow into and have helped me upgrade to a larger server for so much less than other hosts.

Interserver’s customer support is totally amazing. I am not very techy but they always treat me kindly and help with what I need.

I use for Chantahlia Design. It is free and I combine it with the free WooCommerce theme. WooCommerce is generally used for selling goods but I use it for my free downloads. I do this by combing WooCommerce with the Free Downloads WooCommerce plugin. It is quite easy to follow the set up and if I get lost I just google what to do next.

Design Resources

The main font used on Chantahlia Design is called Berrylicious. This is a free font you can download HERE
The fonts I use to make my alphas are generally fonts from Font Bundles or Creative Fabrica.

Both sites provide free fonts on a regular basis but I also have a subscription with Creative Fabrica. It makes life easier for me to save time finding something I like to use.

Font Banner - Free Fonts

I created my own logo and banner. I use Photoshop for all my design work.

Social Media Scheduling

Social Media is an essential part of marketing Chantahlia Design

Pinterest brings a lot of traffic to my website and I use Tailwind to schedule my pins. I started on their free 100 pins a month plan but upgraded to a plus plan for more pins. It is a life saver for me helping me organise my time better. If you click HERE you can receive a month for free on a plus plan and I will also receive a month free. I suggest you try it on the free plan first to get the hang of the program and if you upgrade this link will give you a month free.

For Instagram I schedule one post a day which I do through Hootsuite on their free plan. That allows 30 posts a month. I have not upgraded as yet.

I hope this list helps you a little and I would love you to use any of my links. My affiliate links help pay to keep the site online.