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Free Summer Digital Paper and Design Element Packs

Summer time is the perfect time to relax and spend time enjoying crafting with family and friends. Here you can discover free Summer digital paper and design element packs. Whether you love to scrapbook, make cards, do digital planning , paper crafts or other crafts there is always the need for design resources. It is even better if they are free.

It is also wonderful to celebrate Summer activities and remember your Summer fun through crafts.

Free Summer Digital Paper and Design Elements Packs

Here on Chantahlia Design you can find lots of free Summer digital paper and design elements. Each themed set pack includes digital paper, design elements and alphas. Scroll down to find summer themed packs. They are all 300 dpi for commercial quality printing .

Just click on the images to be taken to each sets download page.

Summer Beach Digital Paper and Design Element Sets

Rustic Beach

We often think of the beach when we think of Summer. It is always fun to spend time at the beach. I would think most of us have wonderful memories of days spent in in the sun and sand. The following beach themes are great for all your beach themed crafts.

The Rustic Beach Set features wood and burlap textures so as to give a rustic feel. It is made up of 2 sets of digital scrapbook paper, design elements, brads, washi tape and alphas.

At the Beach

Fun at the beach includes time in the water as well as time on the sand. This themed set is called At the Beach. It is based on sand based activities at the beach.

Surf’s Up

The Surf’s Up themed set is a Retro styled theme. It features surfboards, beach houses and vans so as to give the retro beach feel.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea is also a Summer based theme. This Under the Sea set includes digital papers, design elements, brads, washi tape and alphas.

Summer Activities Digital Paper and Design Element Sets

Summer is not just about the beach. It is a time of year where we also enjoy other fun outdoor activities. The following sets include a variety of fun summer activities.

Pool Party

The Pool Party Set includes both fun pool elements as well as swimming training equipment. Whether you just jump in the pool for fun or do laps the pool party set will have you covered.

Backyard BBQ

Backyard get togethers are always fun. This set is called the Backyard BBQ set but can be used for any BBQ themed project.


Camping is a fun outdoor activity. Whether you are camping out on holiday / vacation or the kids are having a sleep out in the backyard, this set is for you. The brown and green camping version is shown but both blue and purple packs are also available.

Bike Riding

With school out, there is always plenty of time for activities like bike riding.

The bike riding set includes digital papers, design elements in 3 colours and alphas.


Fishing is another activity families spend time doing in Summer. I have wonderful memories of spending time with my Grandfather in his boat, trying to catch fish during summer breaks.


Golf may not be a family oriented activity, for every family, but is a great Summer activity. The golf set is available in 3 different colours

Summer Fruit Digital Paper and Design Element Sets

There are also some Summer Fruit sets available for free here on Chantahlia Design.


Pineapples are synonymous with hot weather and Summer. There is nothing quite like the tang of a fresh pineapple.


There is something special about the a piece of refreshing watermelon in summer. This watermelon set is perfect for adding to the backyard BBQ set and other sets or as a stand alone set,

These free Summer design packs are just a few of the sets available on Chantahlia Design.

If you are looking for other themes click through HERE to see all the sets